08 October 2019

Nominate a colleague for the PVRI 2019 Awards


Each year during the Gala Dinner at the Annual World Congress, the PVRI awards three prizes to its most esteemed members. 

Nominations are now open until 15th November 2019.

The three categories are as follows:

  • Certificate of Excellence – is awarded to a group who have been particularly active and successful during the year
  • Achievement Award – is presented to one or two PVRI members for outstanding contributions to the PH community during the year
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – is awarded to one person who has made significant contributions to the field throughout his/her lifetime 

Please send us your nomination, together with a short summary supporting your nomination, by 15th November to admin@pvrinstitute.org 

Winners will be announced on Saturday, 2 February 2020 during the Gala Dinner in Lima, Peru.

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