08 October 2019

PVRI takes part in World Heart Federation Congress 2019

During the annual European Cardiology Society (ESC) meeting, which recently took place in Paris from Saturday 31 August - Wednesday 4 September 2019, the World Heart Federation (WHF) hosted their Annual World Congress. A forum on ‘global health advocacy & campaigns’ for all WHF member organisations took place and attended by PVRI CEO, Stephanie Barwick and Marketing Manager Aaron Shefras, who took part in many different sessions and the active discussions.

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Working with global health organisations such as the World Heart Federation (WHF), the Non-Communicable Disease Alliance (NCDA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) is a key strategic aim of the PVRI. Promoting pulmonary hypertension to the forefront of the world health discussion and changing the currently held view that it is a rare disease, is an active and ongoing priority of our organisation.

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During the forum, Stephanie and Aaron met many leaders of the different WHF member organisations and had the opportunity to actively promote the PVRI forthcoming Annual World Congress in Lima in 2020, which was acknowledged as a high-level scientific meeting.

The WHF Chair of the Advocacy Committee, Beatriz Marcet Champagne, complemented the PVRI on our valuable work across the globe and promoted our Congress to the leading cardiology societies in Latin and Central America.  We are enormously grateful for this exposure and would like to express our warm thanks to all WHF staff for their hospitality in Paris and their invaluable help in promoting our ongoing activities.


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