07 March 2019

PH meeting in Germany


The PVRI warmly invites you to the Symposium of Advances in pulmonary hypertension and strategies for advanced heart failure, which takes place on Saturday 30 March 2019, in Münster, Germany.

The day will focus on the diagnostic approach, discuss conventional and new assessment modalities, practical approaches in different settings to provide best possible care for patients with PH.

We would warmly like to thank the scientific Board and particularly Dr Astrid Lammers.

PVRI invited speakers include:

  • Professor Sheila Glennis Haworth, University College London, UK
  • Professor Shahin Moledina, Great Ormond Street Hospital, UK

If you are interested to attend or to find out more, please email: Dr Astrid Lammers at astrid.lammers.ukmuenster.de

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