26 June 2019

ATS Get-together in Dallas

ATS Get-together in Dallas was a success

Our ATS Get-Together 2019 in Dallas was an exceptional evening. We are proud to announce that a record total of 149 people from 16 different countries were in attendance. Events such as these are possible thanks to the unparalleled commitment of the community and made pleasant by the collegial attitude of our members. 
The event was held downtown at the Dallas Fish Market and whilst a little crowded, proved to be the go-to breakaway event for PH colleagues.

We would very much appreciate you to encourage your colleagues, who attended the event, to sign up for membership to the PVRI. They can do so by clicking this link:


Congratulations to Jason Yuan

Congratulations to our Pulmonary Circulation Editor-in-Chief, Jason Yuan, who won the Leadership Award from the ATS Pulmonary Circulation Assembly this year. 

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