17 November 2020

Just published - Special collection on clinical trial design: Past, present and future

IDDI Task Force publishes a special collection in Pulmonary Circulation

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The Innovative Drug Development Initiative (IDDI) is a unique core activity within the PVRI facilitating the development of novel treatments for patients with pulmonary hypertension (PH) and right ventricular failure and establishing them into clinical practice.

The IDDI provides a platform for academia, the pharmaceutical industry (established and emerging biotechnology) and drug regulators to openly discuss questions surrounding the future of trials comprising novel drugs based on experience gained so far. It encourages early and continuous dialogue with all stakeholders, including the patient’s perspective, on innovative clinical and regulatory development strategies, with the aim of finding new ways to fight and treat pulmonary vascular disease and pulmonary hypertension as life-threatening conditions.

This special collection presents the collaborative outcome of the work of the four IDDI workstreams on clinical trial design, biomarkers, endpoints and repurposing drugs.

On behalf of the PVRI, congratulations is owed to Sylvia Nikkho for being accepted into Bayer’s Science Fellow Programme as a Senior Science Fellow. This is a very prestigious award, with fierce competition and the panel felt that thanks to Sylvia’s “excellent scientific accomplishments, reputation and network”, she was a prime candidate for the fellowship. This is a fantastic achievement and we express our warmest congratulations. The award help Sylvia forge even stronger networks and link PVRI’s scientific work with Bayer’s internal scientific resources. 

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