21 December 2020

PVRI Engage: A new discussion platform

A new tool at your fingertips


New year, new platform

We are proud to announce that our new secure discussion platform, PVRI Engage is now ready to be used by membership. The use case for the platform centres around allowing our members from across the globe to interact with one another in the world's first PH professionals only forum. 

Discussion topics

Topics are determined by PVRI Task Force leaders, PVRI staff and suggestions by the community. If you feel there is a missing topic that needs to be discussed, then please get in touch with one of our team or one of our Task Force leaders. Members are free to contribute to the topics as they wish.

PVRI2021 Abstracts

The first major use case for the platform will be to house our abstract discussion for the PVRI2021 series. Due to the digital nature of the programme, we have built the tool to best replicate the walk-around sessions at our Congresses. Each abstract author has been given the opportunity to submit a 3-minute, 3-slide accompaniment for their work, in order to add some colour to the discussion. All accepted abstracts will be posted into the forum in early January. 

Secure messaging

By popular request, members are now able to message one another directly. These messages are secure, encrypted, and cannot be seen by our staff or other members. 

The highest quality scientific discussion

Ready to start contributing? To ensure our forum meets the standards of our in-person meetings, we have introduced some gamification elements that reward quality content. For each post you make that resonates with the community, users are able to send you 'thanks' and upvote the post. Combining this with the level of your activity within the forum and reply count, a weekly leaderboard of top posters is generated.

We look forward to seeing the discussions on the forum unfold and would greatly value any feedback, as the platform is new and ready to be shaped to help enhance the PVRI conversation. 

Comments (3)

  • profile picture of Paul Corris

    11 January 2021 13:22

    Paul Corris

    There is quite a delay before the abstracts you want to read and comment on appear after clicking on title.
    Not sure what is needed to help speed up process
    I suggest members are emailed about the Engage platform

  • profile picture of Paul Corris

    11 January 2021 13:33

    Paul Corris

    Useful to include information that abstracts for comment via Engage are found by clicking on the Forum Tab.
    This is a great way of stimulating typical PVRI debate on the presented science given we now have to accept virtual on line meetings. Are the submitting authors asked to check daily to respond to comments? If not I suggest they are to ensure speedy responses to questions posed

  • profile picture of Paul Corris

    11 January 2021 15:22

    Paul Corris

    I think there was a reduced local broadband speed leading to my comment regarding speed of abstract delivery below.
    I have revisited and found the speed of abstract opening much improved.
    The system is working very well in my view.
    Congratulations to Aaron and Sophie !

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