05 March 2020

Meeting report: 2nd Symposium for the International Consortium for Genetic Studies in PAH Lima, 2-3 February 2020

Over 50 delegates attended the 2nd PAH-ICON symposium, which took place in Lima on 2 & 3 February 2020.


The one and a half days meeting consisted of talks and oral abstracts presentations by PAH Task Force representatives. Several Task Forces have been set up to focus on specific areas, and the purpose of this meeting was to establish aims and objectives, and research planning for 2020.

Abstracts from around the world were presented and detailed exciting examples of ongoing research of PAH genetics and genomics.

Discussions were facilitated to:

  • increase the awareness and knowledge of participation in PAH genetic research
  • write international guidelines for genetic testing in PAH under the PAH-ICON consortium banner
  • identify core phenotype data to be collected by all centres
  • refine the Task Forces and their contributors
  • define working groups for specific shorter-term projects.

The consortium has been running since 2016 and held its first face-to-face meeting in May 2017

Teleconferences every two months allow for the continued international research collaboration and planning. 

It was agreed that the group would meet again at the 2021 PVRI Annual World Congress, which will take place in Athens, Greece.

Only by collating our knowledge and resources can we tackle ongoing challenges in PAH, such as understanding the contribution of common genetic variation to the clinical course of disease.


Second from left: Professor Nick Morrell, PAH-ICON Consortium Lead Scientific Organiser

The PAH-ICON consortium biorepository will soon be able to receive international samples for sequencing and analysis, and further progress will be made on the clinical phenotype database.

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