20 April 2020

PC journal supports statement from the Wellcome Trust

In partnership with our publisher SAGE, the PVRI and Pulmonary Circulation journal support the statement from the Wellcome Trust which calls on researchers, journals and funders to ensure that research findings and data relevant to the COVID-19 outbreak are shared rapidly and openly to inform the public health response and help save lives.

In support of the principles set out in the statement we would like to remind authors considering submitting their article to Pulmonary Circulation that:

  • All articles accepted in Pulmonary Circulation are open access and free to read as soon as they are published.
  • Production of articles focused on COVID-19 are fast-tracked and deposited in Pubmed Central (PMC) for indexing.
  • All papers published on COVID-19 are promoted via the PVRI website and also collated on the SAGE Journals microsite for COVID-19 research.
  • We encourage authors of COVID-19 research and findings to share their findings with the WHO as early as possible.
  • Authors may post versions of their papers on institutional sites or on preprint servers before they are accepted, such as medRxiv or bioRxiv.


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