17 June 2020

PVRI DoDeep and Global Health - an update

PVRI GoDeep and Global Health


Our work on global health is continuing. We have published an article on the prevalence of PH with the American Journal of Physiology (add link) and continuing to increase our links with the World Heart Federation (WHF) and Non-Communicable Disease Alliance (NCDA). A recent publication from Brad Maron was included in the NCDA news bulleting in April 2020 (ad link). Stuart Rich is actively pursuing ongoing communications with the World Health Organization (WHO) for a joint PVRI-WHO meeting in January 2023, which will launch the molecular reclassification of the disease. Martin Wilkins is heading this new Task Force and would be happy to hear from anyone who would like to get involved. Please email admin@pvrinstitute.org stating your interest. Furthermore, we are in discussion with Greg Roth from the Institute for Health Metrics and Education (IHME) in Washington on how the PVRI can become more actively involved in the Global Burden of Disease Study, which for the first time includes pulmonary hypertension (please verify it is PH, not PAH?).

The GoDeep Registry, which was launched during our Lima Congress in January, has attracted a lot of interest from PH centres and registries around the world. Whilst we cannot currently travel to assess the data at the specific centre locations, the work is ongoing. GoDeep already houses over 10,000 data entries and we are actively seeking participation in this registry from any PH centre. Please visit our website (add website) or email me directly werner.seeger@innere.med.uni-giessen.de if you would like to get involved.

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