30 June 2020

Pulmonary Circulation receives Impact Factor of 2.205

We are delighted to announce that Pulmonary Circulation has received a new Impact Factor of 2.205. This is a tremendous result and a tribute to our Chief Editors, Jason Yuan and Nick Morrell, and editorial team. Congratulations to all editors, deputy editors, associate editors, scientific advisers, and editorial board members for this achievement.

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Impact Factors are awarded to quality journals and are a measure of the frequency that an average article in a journal has been cited in a given year. 

The Impact Factor’s increase over the 2018 score places Pulmonary Circulation 78 out of 138 journals in the category Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems and 42 out of 64 in the Respiratory System category. 

This achievement confirms Pulmonary Circulation as a leading journal featuring the high-quality material on the pulmonary circulation and pulmonary vascular disease. 

Congratulations to the entire Pulmonary Circulation team and a big thank you to all its contributors

We are very glad about the upward trajectory of the journal's Impact Factor and its scientific and academic impact. Our editorial team will continue to work hard to make Pulmonary Circulation the venue for our colleagues and readers to publish their scientific discoveries and clinical advances in the field of pulmonary circulation, lung vascular disease and right heart dysfunction.
Jason Yuan & Nick Morrell Pulmonary Circulation Editors-in-Chief

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