20 October 2021

4th Latin American Symposium on PH in Children in Panama, date to be confirmed

Panama kid pic.jpeg

We are delighted to invite our community members to the 4th Latin American Symposium on PH in Children in Panama. The event is being organised by the leaders of the South American Task Force, Drs Gabriel Díaz, Vinicio de Jesus Perez and Gustavo Heresi, under the scientific leadership of Dr Isanet Barrantes, who is a senior paediatric consultant in Panama. This event will take place in October 2022. 

The meeting in Panama will introduce a new approach to these symposia, which takes into account two important aspects: expanding the role of the PVRI South American Task Force to include the adult PH topic and analysing the important situation of children with PH who reach adulthood.

Due to the increasing number of children living with PH who reach adulthood, this topic is especially important.

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