12 February 2021

PVRI Annual Report 2020

Introduction from PVRI President, Werner Seeger

As we have all painfully experienced, the world has changed dramatically during 2020. The global Covid-19 pandemic has affected all parts of our lives and, of course, also the PVRI. The operational office had to undergo major changes.

Ongoing and continued communication with our global membership has been the number one priority during these difficult times, especially reaching out to colleagues and friends around the world who struggle in the most pandemic-affected areas. Earlier in the year we created a Covid-19 live webpage sharing the most recent research and providing guidance on how best to protect our pulmonary hypertension patients under these stressful conditions. We do not have a complete overview yet, but from the information fed back to us, all the signals indicate that our protective measures are working and that most of the PH patients we care for remain in relatively stable conditions. I thank you all for working so hard to help save the lives of the most vulnerable during this most challenging health crisis the world has experienced since WW2. Moreover, it is my strong hope and wish, and something I pray for, that you, my dear friends and PVRI members, who stand at the frontline fighting this pandemic daily, will remain healthy and unharmed. 

Viewing the report

As the report contains hyperlinks to relevant web pages, it is recommended that you view the report using Adobe Acrobat. To do this, right click and use the 'save link as' option to download the full PDF. 

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