29 March 2022

Co-ordinated effort gives PAH patients from Ukraine renewed hope for access to life-saving therapies


Thank you to Dr Yuriy Sirenko and all those involved in this effort

The Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute (PVRI) www.pvrinstitute.org and industry partners have embarked on a co-ordinated effort of humanitarian support for patients with the life-threatening condition of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).

For PAH patients that are already established on most therapies, it is essential to continue a course of treatment to improve both their quality and quantity of life.

Industry partners have responded to calls of support from the PVRI and will donate sufficient quantities of drugs to cover the needs of patients via support from the Cardiac Society of Poland. All parties are now working towards the delivery of these effective therapies to those living in Ukraine or crossing the border into Poland as refugees.

The PVRI’s established collaborative industry partnership has co-ordinated this effort through its Access to Care and patient engagement initiatives, in collaboration with Dr Ewa Mroczec and Dr Adam Torbicki in Poland, and Dr Yuriy Sirenko in Ukraine. The organisation will continue to utilise its network of key stakeholders to provide support, where possible, to all patients affected by the supply disruption.

The PVRI is proud to have used its global influence and collaborative approach with industry to facilitate the delivery of drugs to those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. We are expecting to have similar success working alongside other pharmaceutical companies in providing the full range of therapies available and to all patients affected by this terrible war.
Prof Paul A. Corris Chairman of the Board, PVRI

More on PAH and Ukraine

The PHA UK caught up with Dr Joanna Pepke-Zaba on 18 March, who has strong links to European efforts to get help to people affected by this disease. Dr Pepke-Zaba, who is based in Cambridge, joined the PHA from a conference in Switzerland for a special episode of their podcast, EmPHAsis on Air, that aims to shed some light on this aspect of the humanitarian crisis.

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