26 April 2022

World PH Day 2022

World Pulmonary Hypertension Day takes place every year on 5 May, with the aim of raising global awareness of this deadly disease.

How does PVRI add value to the conversation?

The mission of the PVRI is to help reduce the global burden of pulmonary hypertension via research, education and advocacy to improve clinical outcomes. In celebration of World PH Day 2022 we are pleased to have successfully promoted the global burden of PH through partnership with health care organisations, and we have developed an innovative e-learning platform to help educate general physicians recognise and treat PH.

We will soon be developing a mentoring system for non-specialists, pairing their departments with expert designated centres to improve the management of PH. We have also developed major links with patient and carer groups via our patient engagement and empowerment strategy and have forged important links with pulmonary hypertension associations globally.

The PVRI’s International Drug Development Initiative is a transformational activity that facilitates the development of novel treatments for patients with PH, establishing them into clinical practice. It encourages early and continuous dialogue with all stakeholders, including the patient’s perspective, on innovative clinical and regulatory development strategies, with the aim of finding new ways to fight and treat pulmonary vascular disease and pulmonary hypertension as life-threatening conditions. Following publication of the output of four workstreams on clinical trial design, biomarkers, endpoints and repurposing drugs, we will soon publish secondary analyses from the INCREASE study to show benefits to patients of newly approved drugs to treat PH Group 3, and outputs from the group looking at novel devices and evolving technology.

We will also be hosting the final PVRI2021/22 Digital webinar later this month on 25 May. The series has been running since January 2021 with recent webinars covering cancer and PH and bone marrow modulation of PVD. There has been a total of 25 webinars of the highest quality scientific content. You can watch the replays here.

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