04 March 2024

William Barratt takes on one of the world’s top 10* endurance events for PVRI

Rupert Swift, a brave, bold, clever, charismatic young man who embraced life to the full, developed high altitude pulmonary oedema and 3 months later, was diagnosed with functional class 3 pulmonary hypertension. He was physically very active - rowing, playing rugby and enjoying other sports. He never allowed his illness to define him and was cheerful and stoical right up to his untimely death surrounded by his family and friends.

In memory of Rupert, his friend William Barratt will run the Namib Ultramarathon on 28 April 2024, a 250km seven day, six-stage race in Namibia to raise funds for PVRI. William will race by foot across the oldest desert and the largest dunes in the world. During the seven days, he will experience some of the most stunning and iconic desert landscape. The course will take William through amazing desert scenery including wide-open red plains, scattered mountain outcrops, huge expanses of dramatic sand dunes, moon-like landscape, Atlantic waves crashing against the sandy desert shoreline, and a fascinating array of plants and animals. And throughout the whole race, William must carry everything he needs, around 12kgs, on his back!

Hear more about William's challenge and why he's doing it in the video below:

William initially hoped to raise £4,000 for the PVRI, but thanks to our generous community, the target was already beaten after the fundraiser launched at our PVRI 2024 Congress Gala Dinner. At the time of writing, the pot now stands at an impressive £11,581.

I would like to thank you for your incredible generosity in contributing to my fundraising for PVRI in memory of Rupert Swift. It has been hugely inspiring to see the donations and messages building up. This will all help keep the tempo of my preparation and be a real source of motivation when faced with the various physical and mental challenges of running the race itself! I am absolutely delighted that thanks to your kind donations, the vital work of PVRI is supported. I intend to share several updates over the course of the race via my JustGiving page & once again express my sincere appreciation for your support.
William Barratt Namib Ultramarathon Runner

In support of William’s huge challenge and in memory of Rupert, please donate to his fundraiser. All funds donated to the PVRI will be used towards furthering lifesaving research globally on pulmonary hypertension.

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