PVRI Get-Together, ATS 2014, San Diego

PVRI Member Authors: Djuro Kosanovic

PVRI held their traditional annual Get-Together meeting during the American Thoracic Society (ATS) conference in San Diego on May 19th from 9-11 pm. Hosted by the W Hotel, the informal meeting was enriched by coffees, teas, soft drinks and cakes, with alcoholic drinks (wine, beer…) as a delightful bonus for this year.

Around 30 PVRI members were present at the meeting and took the opportunity to discuss and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. Hosted right in the middle of the weeklong ATS Conference, the mini-break was timed perfectly to allow members a chance to recharge their batteries and PVD enthusiasm amongst similar ilk. Importantly, the meeting was also a unique chance to meet old and long-timeno-see friends. Although there was no official talk, all PVRI members exchanged their valuable experiences, those related to the science and research in the field of the pulmonary vascular diseases, as well as those related to everyday life. The majority of attendees were younger PVRI members, supported by our renowned and leading experts in the field such as professors Drs. Ralph Schermuly, Norbert Weissmann and Werner Seeger- a heartening reminder of the PVRI’s durability and capacity for growth.

The PVRI Get-Together event also proved an excellent opportunity for the PVRI Young Council to hold a separate 30 minute meeting. During this time, new members Drs. Natascha Sommer and Oleg Pak were welcomed into the fray by other Young Council members, and introduced themselves with a small summary on their scientific and academic background. Drs. Sommer and Pak joined the Educational Website Board and expanded on their future plans regarding the active involvement in the PVRI Young Council-based activities. The Young Council then proceeded to discuss the general strategy for the rest of the year, touching specifically on a need for more educational recordings focusing on methodological, theoretical and conceptual contents, and the context/basic philosophy of the following PVRI Chronicle volumes/issues. In order to maximise elearning content, the Young Council will be available all week during the 8th PVRI Annual World Congress meeting (formerly the 9th PVRI AGM and 8th Scientific Workshops and Events) in Guangzhou, China, Jan 15-18 2015, to record lectures, abstracts and interviews with willing PVRI members.

 The Get-Together slowed down around 11 pm, at which point members, fortified by talk but tired from the long day, retired to their rooms (or potentially the downstairs bar). We would like to thank to Dr. Michael Yeager, FPVRI, for his valuable efforts to organize this informal meeting, which has become a well-attended traditional PVRI event. Similarly, we would also like to thank all participants to the PVRI Get-Together ATS 2014 meeting and hope to see more PVRI members and friends, both juniors and seniors, during the future ATS conferences.

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December 2014

PVRI Chronicle Vol 1: Issue 2

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