The Heart of the Matter: PVRI & the PVRI Young Council

PVRI Member Authors: Stephanie Barwick

When I attended the 8th PVRI Annual General Meeting and the 7th Scientific Workshops & Debates meeting in Bad Nauheim, January 2014, I was very excited and impressed to see the beating heart of the PVRI in action. I was particularly impressed with the many young researchers and clinicians actively involved in the PVRI, and specifically, the work of the Young Council. The Council is very active within the PVRI and helps manage the Institute- a set-up which is in many ways quite unusual, but also extremely good news. Most membership organisations struggle to recruit ‘new blood’ into their institutions and if they are fortunate enough to recruit new members, these often do not actively participate or take on responsibility. The PVRI is different, as all members are treated equally and benefit from the same opportunities. There is no hierarchy, nor preferential treatment due to individual status or reputation. As an organisation, this core principle underlies everything we do and it is thanks to these values that the PVRI has been successful in engaging so many of our members and young people in our work, research and activities. The PVRI is fortunate to have all of them on board and the PVRI Chronicle is a testament to the hard work and successful engagement of the Young Council and PVRI members.

I am currently writing the ‘PVRI Strategic Plan’ for the next three years which will be circulated to all our members for consultation later in the year. Support for the ‘young hearts’ (and the young at heart) is a cornerstone in our objectives. Not only do we intend to continue all the existing support, we also want to proactively work on identifying new opportunities for young researchers and clinicians, increase the budget for our travel grants and help to develop the PVRI Chronicle, which is particularly aimed at publishing research from ‘young’ researchers who are embarking on their career, into a second peer-reviewed high quality medical journal with a great reputation. For any young researcher or clinician, we believe that involvement in our Young Council will lay the foundations for an excellent career progression in the future within the scientific community.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank all our young members, in particular the editorial board of the PVRI Chronicle, for their involvement in the PVRI. Without them, our mission cannot be achieved in the future. Our young members will be the future leaders of the organisation, and even at present, they represent the heart of the PVRI as their efforts pump forth into the body of pulmonary vascular research. It is them who will be promoting pulmonary vascular disease related illnesses in the world, publishing articles in our journals and working with like-minded colleagues in many different countries around the globe on extending their knowledge and understanding of the pulmonary vascular diseases, patient needs and potential treatments. The energy and creativity of our young members will ensure further developments of the PVRI initiatives and activities and also help to establish new projects and ideas: vital for any organisation. 

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December 2014

PVRI Chronicle Vol 1: Issue 2

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