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PVRI Member Authors: Eileen Bauer

Who am I?

Well, I am still struggling with the same question myself, but here the easy answer: I live in the US in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and try to uncover the mysteries underlying pulmonary hypertension from my perspective – focused on the innate immune system. While it may seem obvious to assume that I belong to the Department of Pulmonary Medicine (or at least cardiology), I am actually in the Department of Surgery, which became well known for their work in regards to understanding the innate immune system long before I ever learned to hold a pipette. I carry the official title of Assistant Professor and am lucky enough to have my own laboratory.

On a personal level I am a YOUNG 45 year old woman – and I guess thus making me still eligible to belong to the Committee of Young Clinicians and Scientists. I was born and raised in Germany and came to the US as young adult. I have three children, all teenagers, and just recently got divorced. And yes, as family, we are dealing with our own fair share of teenage related problems.

This current issue has all of the sections you have come to know previously and hopefully enjoy. Without listing all of the articles here I would like to thank all of the contributors who took time from their busy schedules to write and share their work here with us. I also like to make one point:

If you look in detail at the contributors of this issues (and previous ones), you will notice that a large percentage of our articles come from the German group in Giessen. I cannot thank them all enough! 

However, where would we be if our friends in Giessen decided to stop writing articles for the chronicle? The PVRI is a global group creating connections between lung scientists and clinicians throughout the world. I urge you all to consider writing for us! While lung disease may be the same everywhere, every country has different approaches and experiences dealing with it and it would be lovely to have more international members share their work or comments with us. Some of my favorite talks at the meeting in Rome in January were the ones that presented on their approaches of treating patients with lung disease in countries struggling with obtaining all the  “right and recommended” medicines. I was very impressed by their creativity and innovation. Wouldn’t it be great if we had ten articles from ten different countries?

I will leave you with this quote as we struggle along to try and understand the underlying mechanisms of pulmonary vascular disease and trying to find a way to cure patients:

“Mistakes are, after all, the foundations of truth, and if a man does not know what a thing is, it is at least an increase in knowledge if he knows what it is not.” - Carl Jung

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August 2016

PVRI Chronicle Vol 3: Issue 2

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