Membership Benefits

Membership benefits
  • Full access to the PVRI webinar series 2021/22
  • Full access to the upcoming "Special Feature" webinars organised by the Genetics Consortium and the Innovative Drug Development Initiative (IDDI)
  • Reduce registration fee to any in-person PVRI Congress, Symposium or Scientific meeting on PH
  • Access to our secure online discussion forum to interact with like-minded colleagues from around the world. Some of our members include the most prominent scientists in the field with an international reputation.
  • Information on national and international events on PVD and related fields
  • Free access to our Digital Clinic and e-learning section on the website which has over 900 conference talks, atlas images and interviews with prominent specialists in the field
  • Automated PubMed feed with the latest articles on PVD and related subjects
  • Free access to our peer-reviewed journal Pulmonary Circulation and all related articles
  • Free access to the latest medical guidelines and clinical trials on PVD
  • The quarterly online newsletter
  • The opportunity to join a Task Force: Regional or Specialist – and be at the forefront of collaborative research.

Why become a member?


Map of PVRI Member countries

The PVRI is the only global medical research charity fighting PVD. Our mission is to improve the care of patients with PVD throughout the world by raising awareness of PVD, facilitating research and encouraging the development of medicines to treat PVD.

As a member of the PVRI, you will be part of a global network that includes over 6,300 people spread across 103 different countries, including an active membership of 1,950 PH professionals. Our Regional and Specialist Task Forces operate all over the world to raise awareness of the disease and to facilitate research - you can be part of this global effort.

This worldwide PVRI network makes it possible for our members to conduct basic, clinical and translational research at a level that no single individual or academic institution could accomplish. 

Giessen crowd 2014

Each year, we organise two large scientific meetings on different continents for our members, the pharmaceutical industry and the drug regulatory bodies:

  1. PVRI Annual World Congress
  2. PVRI Drug Discovery & Development Symposium.

These events are the forum we use to facilitate this global collaboration which allow us to produce some truly remarkable work. As a result, we have established an online library of clinical management guidelines, educational materials, advice and information about the current research initiatives and clinical trials.

To achieve our mission, we need more like-minded professionals to help us ensure the disease is diagnosed quickly and effectively, patients with the disease can be treated with the right medicine and our members can continue to produce work that contributes towards giving other people more time on this planet. Thank you.

Stephanie Barwick
Chief Executive

Our research platform is the world.

Through worldwide collaboration, we can begin to answer the question of a global disease.

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