04 May 2020

Indian Task Force celebrated World PH week with live webinar

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In May 2020, the India Task Force held a live webinar for patients with pulmonary hypertension in India. The sessions were moderated by Dr Prashant Bobhate and Dr Shine Kumar. In attendance were esteemed faculty members, including Professor BKS Sastry, Dr T Sunder, Dr Vikas Kohli and Dr Abhram Babu.

Along with the medical fraternity, the webinar included seven patients sharing their experiences on various aspects, including mental health, lifestyle modifications, use of prostacyclin and life before and after having a lung transplant. 

It also included:

  •        Day to day living with PH
  •        Exercise and dietary modifications for a healthy heart
  •        Living with PH : Experience Sharing Support groups for financial assistance
  •        Interviews with lung transplant recipients
  •        Advanced medication: feasibility and affordability in India
  •        Potts shunt as a bridge to transplant: learn from a Potts shunt survivor

The webinar was a success with over 1,700 delegates from India tuning in, as well as an additional 148 delegates joining the webinar from Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Peru.

The event generated interest in patient communities and the India Task Force would like to build a strong patient self-help group which can in turn, help to raise awareness of a small but significant group of people suffering from pulmonary hypertension.

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