How can I get involved?

If you're an individual

Throughout the year, we try to commit to as many fundraising initiatives as possible. We welcome all ideas to help bring in more funding so we can achieve our mission.

Lynette Swift, a committed volunteer has been leading these efforts for the charity. As well as helping to organise our annual event, Lynette and her team have a well decorated calendar and are always on the look out for more help to support events organisation.

As well as this, our fundraisers can:

  • Help us apply for local and national grants specifically for scientific research
  • Request a fundraising pack or media materials to take to events and conferences
  • Set up your own PVRI fundraising event or initiative 
  • Apply to sponsored public events such as marathons, walks etc.


If you're a business

We'd love to talk. This year, the PVRI has made a significant investment in people and equipment to make sure we're looking our best in front of the world. Our work as a charity is produced as a result of one collaborative effort, in a forum where the best people work in the right conditions. We're currently searching for corporate sponsors that work with the same ethos. If you'd like to find out about our 2021 corporate sponsorship initiative, please contact our Marketing Manager Aaron Shefras, at: