3rd International High Altitude Medicine and Research Symposium 2024

21 September - 25 September 2024

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About the conference

Following the tradition of successful conferences in 2016 and 2021, the 3rd International High Altitude Medicine and Research Symposium will take place from 21-25 September 2024, in Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic. It addresses the rapidly evolving field of physiology and health problems when travelling and residing at high altitude, highlighting new advances made in the past years. The organising committee is planning 10 sessions with 3-4 speakers each, including both young researchers and renowned experts. In collaboration with the Annual Kyrgyz Thoracic Society Meeting, there will be a continuous medical education seminar focusing on medical problems of highlanders with pre-existing diseases. A networking event will promote collaborations and encourage scientific exchange between participants. In addition to the academic programme, there will be art exhibitions displaying local artists as well as the possibility to visit the local health centre.

Planned sessions

  • Swiss-Kyrgyz continuous medical education seminar (with simultaneous translation English-Russian)
  • Swiss-Kyrgyz high altitude research pioneers Almaz Aldashev and Konrad Bloch
  • Hot topics in high altitude and hypoxia research
  • Hypoxia: from molecule to physiology
  • Living in a hypoxic environment - physiological threats and adaptation
  • Pulmonary vascular diseases at low and high altitude
  • Altitude tolerance - current and future research
  • Manifestation and prevention of altitude illness
  • Consequences of chronic exposure to occupational and environmental hazards
  • Hypoxia research - different systems and future direction

Organising committee

Michael Furian, Zurich
Silvia Ulrich, Zurich
Max Gassmann, Zurich & Lima
Talant Sooronbaev, Bishkek

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