New Modalities & Technologies in Pulmonary Hypertension & Right Heart Failure Workstream

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New modalities and technologies in RHF Workstream image

This Workstream was formed in 2021 to expand the PVRI community’s awareness and understanding of emerging device technologies for treating and diagnosing PH and RHF. It comprises experienced colleagues from academia, pharma, and regulatory fields, each with expertise in drug, device, and combination development. 

Members aim to innovate and change current thinking, working in three sub-teams: 

  • Targeted pulmonary delivery (Inhalation), led by Nicholas Hill and Peter Fernandes 
  • Treatment (Therapeutic), led by Marc Pritzker and John Scandurra 
  • Monitoring (Diagnosis), led by Harry Rowland and Alex Rothman 

The Workstream is currently working on two manuscripts: 

  • Inhalation technology advancements in treating RHF and PH 
  • Advancements in the use of devices to treat PH 

The group meets on the second Friday of each month at 15:00 BST. 

Published articles


Luke Howard, Imperial College
Peter Fernandes , ex Bellerophon