Imaging Task Force

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The Imaging Task Force's aims are to: 

  • harmonise imaging protocols to improve international clinical and research collaboration 
  • help to develop a network of international PH Imaging centres to allow dissemination of best practice 
  • include clinicians, radiologists, imaging scientists and industry partners, to facilitate a step change in how we use imaging and translate this into clinical practice 
  • disseminate current evidence for the use of imaging in the assessment of PVD in formats that will be accessible and educational 

The group is currently working on a comprehensive position statement for publication to include: 

  • An overview of the current PH landscape and the potential role of imaging 
  • A review of established and emerging imaging modalities with respect to their use in the assessment of pulmonary vascular disease 
  • Clinical challenges, radiology controversies, technical aspects, and developing networks of imaging excellence and sharing expertise 
  • Diagnostic algorithms including state-of-the-art approaches to imaging and algorithms based on image availability.

Creating this position statement brings together experts in the field of imaging and PH, and we hope it will act as a springboard for further collaborations.


David Kiely, University of Sheffield
David Levin, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Andy Swift, University of Sheffield
Rebecca Vanderpool, University of Arizona College of Medicine