Access to Care Workstream

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The Access to Care Workstream aims to identify and address knowledge gaps and contextual variations in PH care across nations. In this way, it hopes to enhance worldwide access to care, in diagnosis, education, and treatment for PH. 

The group’s current focus is an Access to Care survey launched in April 2023 to identify and map inequities in access to PH care. Over 150 PH centres responded, providing initial data on the local challenges healthcare professionals face in diagnosing and treating PH patients. The survey remains open, and the group is currently working with PVRI’s Regional Task Forces to capture more data from low- and middle-income countries. 

To learn more, watch the presentation on A global assessment of access to care for patients with PH.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 15:00 BST. If you’re interested in joining this Workstream and helping to shape strategies that enhance global access to PH care, please get in touch.


Vijay Balasubramanian , Valley Advanced Lung Disease Institute
Yan Liu , United Therapeutics Corporation

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Alex Kantorovich , United Therapeutics Corporation
Sandeep Sahay , Houston Methodist