PVRI Awards

Gala Dinner

These annual awards are given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of Pulmonary Hypertension (PH). They celebrate notable achievements made by special individuals across the globe and are awarded at our Annual Congresses.

The PVRI Lifetime Achievement Award

This prestigious Award is given annually at the PVRI Annual Congress to a senior PH investigator or clinician who has made direct and substantive contributions to the PH world and, ideally, to the PVRI. Many of our past winners have expressed the huge honour of receiving this Award. In 2024, the Award was given to Martin Wilkins. Previous winners include: 

  • 2022 Joanna Pepke-Zaba, UK 
  • 2019 Gérald Simonneau, France 
  • 2018 Paul Corris, UK 
  • 2017 John Newman, USA 
  • 2016 Ghazwan Butrous, UK 
  • 2015 Lewis Rubin, USA 
  • 2014 Stuart Rich, USA 
  • 2013 Ken Weir, USA

The PVRI Achievement Award

The PVRI Achievement Award is given annually at the PVRI Congress to one or more mid-career PVRI members who have made a significant contribution to basic or clinical research. The Award was last given in 2022 to Yuriy Sirenko, Ukraine and Adam Torbicki, Poland. 

Previous winners include: 

  • 2018 Bradley Maron, USA & Aaron Shefras, USA 
  • 2017 Carmine Dario Vizza, Italy & Stefano Ghio, Italy 
  • 2016 Martin Wilkins, UK 
  • 2015 Nick Morrell, UK 
  • 2014 Qadar Pasha, India 
  • 2013 Chen Wang, China 
  • 2012 Jason Yuan, USA

Certificate of Excellence 

Certificates of Excellence are awarded to PVRI members (individuals or groups) for their public service to the field of PH or for their research published within the previous 12 months. Contributions to PVRI are not an eligibility criterion. PVRI’s subcommittee will make nominations and select winners. In 2024 Certificates of Excellence were awarded to Jason Weatherald, Canada, and Mark Toshner, UK.

Previous winners include: 

  • 2022 Olena Torbas, Ukraine Ewa Lewicka, Poland & Ewa Mroczek, Poland 
  • 2020/21 Stephan Rosenkranz, Germany & Patricia Thistlethwaite, USA 
  • 2019 Gabriel Diaz, Colombia & the Latin America Task Force 
  • 2018 Sylvia Nikkho, Germany & Peter Fernandes, USA 
  • 2017 Martin Johnson, UK & Colin Church, UK 
  • 2016 Kurt Stenmark, USA & Stephen Archer, Canada 
  • 2015 Ian Adatia, Canada & the Paediatric Task Force 
  • 2014 The Committee for Young Clinicians & Scientists 
  • 2013 Majdy Idrees, Canada & the SAPH Task Force

The Butrous Foundation Young Investigator Award 

The Butrous Foundation was set up by Ghazwan Butrous, one of PVRI’s founders. The award is given to a promising young investigator under 35 years old, who submits the best abstract at our Annual Congress, as judged by the meeting’s Organising Committee. 

In 2024, it was awarded to Hanan Yusuf Ahmed to present their abstract “Screening patients with schistosomiasis associated hepatosplenic disease for pulmonary hypertension in Ethiopia and Zambia” at the PVRI 2024 Annual Congress.

Previous winners include: 

  • 2022 Azar Kianzad, Amsterdam 
  • 2021 Prakash Chelladurai, Germany 
  • 2019 Thomas Koudstaal, The Netherlands 
  • 2018 Kurt Prins, USA 
  • 2017 Olena Rudyk, UK 
  • 2016 Jocelyn Dupuis, Canada

The Rupert Swift Award 

This Award celebrates the life of Rupert Swift, who developed PH and sadly died in 2018. It is awarded to an outstanding young scientist under 35 years of age, in recognition of an outstanding abstract submitted to our Annual Congress, as judged by the meeting’s Organising Committee. The Swift family support the Award winner to present a lecture at our Annual Congress in Rupert’s name. 

In 2024 it was awarded to Anna Kirillova to present their abstract “Reversal of inflammatory reprogramming at single cell resolution by vasodilator agents in pulmonary arterial hypertension” [add link to talk recording] at the PVRI 2024 Annual Congress. 

Previous winners include: 

  • 2022 Ana Olga Mocumbi, Mozambique 
  • 2021 Niamh Errington, UK 
  • 2019 Emilia Swietlik, UK 
  • 2018 François Potus, Canada