PVRI Achievement Award nomination form

Thank you for your interest and for taking the time to nominate your colleague for the PVRI Lifetime Achievement Award and the PVRI Achievement Award. Please read the guidance below before completing the form. 

Nominations may only be made by PVRI members. If you are not a member, find out more about how to join

Please submit your nomination by completing the form below. You must include a statement outlining the significance and impact of the nominee’s work and a demonstration of their commitment to PVRI. You must also include a CV (maximum 2 pages) highlighting achievements that support your nomination. 

Nominations will open three months before each Annual Congress and remain open for six weeks. They will be considered for two years without the requirement to re-submit. If you have any questions, please contact us

After nominations have closed, a subcommittee of the PVRI Board will select the winners, and their decision will be final. If no nominations worthy of consideration are received, the subcommittee may recommend that no award be made or may make its own selection. 

Nominations are currently closed. The nomination form will be live on this page three months before our next Annual Congress and be open for six weeks. Please come back later.