Our efforts so far

The PVRI united many of its early members to publish the first Textbook of Pulmonary Vascular Disease. We have held 10 international scientific meetings, have established nine Regional Task Forces and nine Disease and Speciality Task Forces, who raise awareness of PVD throughout the world and advance our understanding of PVD.

The PVRI Paediatric Task Force introduced the first Functional Classifi­cation of PVDs in Children, which has shaped the diagnoses and management of the disease globally.

Plans for the future include the development of an online diploma course on PVD.

We rarely have the time to stop and look back at what we've achieved, but it's important to remember how far the work of our members has taken us. 



// Hosted the PVRI 12th Annual World Congress in Singapore, which attracted 240 delegates from 32 countries
// Held the PVRI Drug Discovery & Development Symposium in Bethesda, USA with over 120 delegates, including 18 FDA representatives.
// Awarded 37 educational grants to our members worth over £50,000
// Held our biggest Annual World Congress in Miami with over 300 delegates 
// Sponsored international scientific meetings in the USA, Chile, Ukraine, India, Singapore, Dubai, the UK, and supported meetings held in France, Australia and Paraguay, reaching out to over 1,500 delegates
// Increased the Impact Factor of our journal Pulmonary Circulation to 2.283
// Increased participation from industry in the PVRI roundtable with 11 participating pharmaceutical companies
// Raised a total of £200k in sponsorship from Merck and GSK to develop Phase 2 of our e-learning course, the PVRI Digital Clinic
// Published an article in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine Journal on the global prevalence of pulmonary hypertension
// Became a member of major global health organisations, including the
World Health Organisation (WHO), the Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Alliance and the World Heart Federation (WHF)
// Developed the PVRI Business Plan 2018-2027, mapping our strategy for the future

PVRI 2018 Film

The PVRI 2018 film was screened at our Annual World Congress in Singapore, 2018.

While the world is currently going through many upsets and uncertainties, among them wars, famine, forest fires in California, Brexit, and so forth, our organisation continues to thrive and build bridges among our colleagues throughout the world. We should all be proud of our PVRI achievements and the future goals we have set for ourselves. We certainly owe our progress to you, our members, and our dedicated team of staff.
Paul Hassoun PVRI President 2018/19, USA


// Invested £200,000 into new BMPR2 research in collaboration with The Dinosaur Trust
// Launched the PVRI fellowships worth £100,000
// Awarded 35 educational grants to our members worth over £50,000
// Held our biggest Annual World Congress in Miami with over 300 delegates 
// Sponsored international scientific meetings in the UK, USA, Cuba, Italy, Germany, Dubai, Malaysia, China, and Argentina - reaching out to 1,250 delegates.
// Developed phase 1 of the ‘PVRI Digital Clinic’, an e-learning tool for clinicians to better diagnose and manage PVD in their patients
// Held fundraising events to raise awareness of PH

PVRI 2017 Film

The PVRI 2017 film was screened at our Annual World Congress in Miami, 2017.


Project 9.png

// Tenth Annual World Congress on PVD held in Rome, Italy. 223 delegates from 28 different countries.

// New PVRI/PC website launched in January 2016 with 245,311 site visits recorded during the year.

// Homepage video was viewed over 13,000 times.

// Third Annual Drug Discovery & Development Symposium held in Bethesda, USA. 112 attendees.

// National Symposia on PVD held in Europe, USA, Bolivia, India, Jordan, Central Asia and Malaysia. 

// High-Altitude meeting held in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. 

// Development started for the PVRI e-learning course on PVD. 

// Memorandum of agreement signed with The Dinosaur Trust.

PVRI 2016 Film

The PVRI 2016 film was screened at our Annual World Congress in Rome, 2016.


Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 16.11.25.png

Discussion underway at the 2nd Annual Drug and Development in London

// Eighth Annual World Congress on PVD held in Guangzhou, China. 700 attendees.

// Full time Marketing Officer recruited to develop new joint PVRI & PC website.

// Second Annual Drug Discovery & Development Symposium held in London, UK. 80 attendees.

// Master Class on PVD held in Central Asia.

// Plans underway to develop an online ‘Diploma Course’ on PVD with Cambridge University.


Giessen crowd 2014

Attendees at our 8th AGM in Bad Nauheim, Germany

// Scientific Meeting held in Bad Nauheim, Germany. 400 attendees.

// Full-time Chief Executive recruited. Stephanie Barwick joins PVRI in the UK in April 2014.

// First Summer Symposium on Drug Discovery & Development with Food & Drug Administration (FDA) held in Bethesda, USA. 100 attendees.

// CMREF grant received for a feasibility study to develop an online course on PVD.

// PVRI Committee for Young Clinicians & Scientists (CYCS) publishes first issue of the PVRI Chronicle, the second official non-peer reviewed in-house publication of the PVRI.


ATS get-together pic

PVRI Get-together at the ATS

// Scientific Meeting held in Istanbul, Turkey. 200 people attend.

// Cardiovascular Medical Research and Education Fund (CMREF) five-year grant received.

// First PVRI Get-together at the American Thoracic Society


Capetown agm group

Attendees at the 6th AGM in Cape town enjoy a glass of wine after a full day of science

// Sixth Scientific Meeting held in Cape Town, South Africa. 150 people attend.


Panama agm

Attendees of the 5th AGM held in Panama City, Panama.

// The PVRI’s fifth AGM is held in Panama City, Panama.

// PVRI publishes the first issue of quarterly peer-reviewed medical journal Pulmonary Circulation (PC), which is indexed in PubMed after only two issues.

// The Paediatric Task Force introduces the first Functional Classifi­cation of PVDs in Children at the fifth annual PVRI meeting.

// PC team employs first full-time paid member of staff in the Chicago office.

// The Pan-African Pulmonary Hypertension Cohort Registry (PAP­UCO) initiative is supported via the PVRI Sub-Saharan Task Force.


nikki in mud

Nikki Krol, the PVRI's first paid staff member

// The fourth official PVRI AGM takes place in Lisbon, Portugal.

// First paid member of staff recruited to join the PVRI in the UK as Executive Administrator and Editorial Assistant.

// The PVRI Sub-Saharan Africa Task Force holds its first meeting.


Mexico agm group

Attendees of the third AGM in Mexico City, Mexico

// The third Annual General Meeting (AGM) and second Scientific Workshops and Debates take place in Mexico City, Mexico.

// London hosts the first official Board of Directors meeting.

// The first PVRI Get-Together is organised during the American Thoracic Society (ATS) meeting in San Diego.

// PVRI Review, the first official non-peer reviewed PVRI publication, launches its inaugural issue in January 2009.


Chen Wang presentation

Dr. Chen Wang (middle), receiving the PVRI Certificate of Appreciation

// The second PVRI Annual General Meeting and first Scientific Workshops are held in Marbella.

// Dr Chen Wang, co-leader of the PVRI China Task Force, starts a PVRI China Centre at his Beijing Hospital.

// The first PVRI China meeting takes place in Xian in July, and continues on a yearly basis to this day.

// PVRI India Task Force is established in Cochin in November.

// PVRI webinars take off under the leadership of Dr Antonio Lopes.



// Held its first Annual General Meeting in Malta, with 25 attendees.

// First Task Forces established.

// Established a Board of Directors.

// Registered as a charity in the UK and USA.

// PVRI Eastern Mediterranean Task Force held its first meeting in Dubai jointly with the Saudi Association for Pulmonary Hyperten­sion (SAPH).


Heathrow plane

// Initial planning meeting held at Heathrow, UK, between main founders Ghazwan Butrous, Stuart Rich, Martin Wilkins and Nick Morrell, as well as Evangelos Michelakis, Marc Semigran, and Fritz Grim­minger.

Our research platform is the world.

Through worldwide collaboration, we can begin to answer the question of a global disease.

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